The Phase Change Cognitive Platform

Leads to Radical Productivity Improvements

Phase Change's cognitive-computing platform unlocks software's
captive knowledge and enables extraordinary new capabilities

Computation, as an exponential technology, is a
synthesis of three distinct components


the three legs of the computer revolutionthe three legs of the computer revolution

Moore's Law captures the exponential advances and declining costs in general-use hardware devices and networks.

Why hasn't software development enjoyed similar advances? Why does software development remain an expensive and labor-intensive endeavor? We believe it's because the entire software-development process remains dependent on linear human effort and subject to the diminishing returns of Brook's Law.

Not anymore. Leveraging our cognitive approach, proprietary and proven processes, we extract knowledge from the source code itself, transforming software into a generic conceptual model of the human intent encoded in software. The Phase Change cognitive platform makes the software development process multiplicative, nonlinear, exponential.

We project our technology into the future, where software becomes conceptual units that can be automatically reorganized, abstracted, and componentized; stored in the cloud, available for reuse across application, company, industry, and beyond. The development team is freed from the drudgery of routine to become more productive and fulfilled.

Phase Change Technology
Where Software Becomes Meaningful Knowledge

The Science
It's in the math and the science — the deep science — where we treat software differently and get fundamentally different results.

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Our Technology
Our normalization process applies cognitive-computing techniques to software development — creating unprecedented capabilities and productivity gains.

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Human-like Cognition
By unlocking encoded knowledge, our intelligent agent understands software and its original human intent, so the agent can collaborate with all stakeholders.

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By digitizing software development, applying cognitive-computing driven processes and human-centric principles, Phase Change divides the cognitive labor between human engineers and Mia, the cognitive agent.

Meet the first cognitive agent for software development

The Science Behind the Creation

People have spent the last 65 years encoding their understanding of the world into software;
rocket trajectories, natural language, medicine, finance, even self-driving cars.

Why did it take so long to unlock that knowledge?

Watch Inventor, Founder,and Chief Technologist Steve Bucuvalas talk about
the science behind Phase Change Software

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"Those that can imagine anything can create the impossible."

Alan Turing

Enlightened by the past. Building the future