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February 11, 2019 - Comments Off on Phase Change CEO Steve Bucuvalas featured on the InfluenceNow! podcast

Phase Change CEO Steve Bucuvalas featured on the InfluenceNow! podcast

February 7, 2019

by Todd Erickson1

Phase Change’s Inventor, Founder, and CEO, Steve Bucuvalas, was featured in the January 31, 2019, episode of the InfluenceNow! podcast, hosted by Justin Craft2.

The InfluenceNow! podcast highlights startups, exceptional business influencers, and ideas from a variety of industries that influence the world.

Steve and Justin discussed how Phase Change and the technology behind Mia, the first cognitive agent for software development, became a reality.

The interview begins with Steve describing his career leading technology and artificial intelligence (AI) groups in financial services and insurance companies, and his subsequent entrepreneurial career starting and selling two different companies. He tells the story of how a single conversation with the buyer of his second company led to his interest in applying AI technology to the problem of software-development productivity.

At the closing, the buyer said to me, 'What's wrong with you guys in software? AI has changed financial services extraordinarily - increased our productivity 100 times,' which is accurate. 'Why can’t you do that with your own industry?'

That moment led Steve to research the barriers to applying AI to software development, and the development of the human-centric principles that led to the creation of the Mia cognitive agent.

The podcast continues with Steve and Justin discussing why organizations that rely on applications written in the Common Business-oriented Language (COBOL) programming language are Phase Change’s first target market.

COBOL is this 40-50 year-old language that has atrocious legacy problems. Because the code has been around [so long], it runs 85% of the world’s financial transactions and [there’s] 220 billion lines of [active COBOL] code. The programmers are all in their 60’s and they all want to retire, but they keep getting incentives to work a few more years because no one wants to learn COBOL. In fact, some of the kids in computer science [college courses] have never heard of it.

Justin and Steve conclude the interview discussing the productivity gains realized by Mia and Phase Change’s technology, and when it will be generally available.

To learn more about how Steve and Phase Change Software will radically improve software productivity, watch the podcast video below or listen to the audio podcast.

1Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at
2Justin Craft is the Founder and CEO of Cast Influence, a Denver, Colorado,-based turnkey marketing agency. Phase Change Software is a client of Cast Influence.

December 27, 2018 - Comments Off on Sheilagh Park-Hatley joins Phase Change as Director of Software Quality Assurance

Sheilagh Park-Hatley joins Phase Change as Director of Software Quality Assurance

December 27, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change Software announced that Sheilagh Park-Hatley joined the company in September as the director of software quality assurance. She will focus on enhancing our software quality engineering.

“As a career-long user of code analysis tools, I’m excited about what Phase Change can do in that space, and limitless others,” Sheilagh said.

Prior to joining Phase Change, Sheilagh served as the vice president of technology and senior director of quality assurance for the Equifax Denver, Colo., office, where she led a technology team of business analysts, developers, and testers for the Property, Data, and Analytics Group.

Before her career at Equifax, she was the director of QA/Test for Intellireal LLC, a real-estate intelligence software solutions provider to the financial services industry. Intellireal was acquired by Equifax in August 2011.

Sheilagh trained in software testing under Ross Collard at the University of California at Berkeley and earned the designation of Certified Software Test Engineer from the International Software Quality Institute. She is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division, a past board member of the Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD), and a contributing member ISO Subcommittee for Quality Systems that revamped the ISO 9001 standard in 2001

Sheilagh also studied creative writing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at

December 19, 2018 - Comments Off on Phase Change unveils COBOL Colleague product website

Phase Change unveils COBOL Colleague product website

December 18, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change announces the launch of its initial product website – The website will support the company's market entry product, COBOL Colleague, the first cognitive tool for software development, by targeting organizations that rely on COBOL-based applications for critical business operations.

The website details how COBOL Colleague will assist COBOL reliant organizations with their unique issues, such as a vanishing workforce, lost application knowledge, and lagging productivity.

COBOL Colleague reads-in the source code, extracts the embedded concepts, discovers the dependencies, reveals the buried knowledge, and becomes an expert that never tires and never leaves.

Natural-language-interaction enables developers and stakeholders with limited COBOL experience to collaborate with the cognitive agent and work productively with their COBOL applications.

Find bugs and dead code in seconds, not minutes or hours. Make changes with full knowledge of the downstream impact. Confidently add new features, products, and services. Empower anyone with a basic understanding of COBOL to interact and engage with your COBOL applications.

Everything you dreamed of in COBOL-based environments is now a reality. Visit

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at

June 27, 2018 - Comments Off on Phase Change introduces COO Steve Brothers

Phase Change introduces COO Steve Brothers

June 27, 2018

by Todd Erickson

Phase Change Software announced that veteran technology executive Steve Brothers joined the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO) as of June 1, 2018. Steve will focus on transitioning Phase Change from a research and development-focused organization to a growth-stage enterprise-software-solution provider.

“I’m excited to join the phenomenal team at Phase Change and have the opportunity to change the face of software development as we know it,” Steve said. “Hopefully my industry and technical experience will help us transform the company’s robust intellectual property into our initial significant product offerings.”

Steve has over 25 years of experience in technology related positions, but not necessarily technology focused companies. His career includes avocations with financial services, healthcare, and technology services companies.

Prior to joining Phase Change, Steve was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ajubeo, an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) provider. Ajubeo was acquired by Green House Data in November 2017.

He started with Ajubeo in 2012 as a Senior Account Executive and served in several capacities thereafter, such as Director of Partner Solutions and Vice President of Operations and Technology before rising to CEO in 2015.

Before embarking with Ajubeo, Steve served as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Urban Lending Solutions, a provider of outsourced mortgage services. The appraisal side was acquired by MCMG Holdings in March 2017 and the fulfillment side was acquired by HCL Technologies in April 2017.

Steve’s responsibilities at Urban Lending Solutions centered on building the business as a whole and not strictly the technology side. He specialized in bringing together the company’s business personnel and objectives, and its technology staff and goals. His specialties spanned a broad range of responsibilities, including strategic business planning, resource management, team development, and technical-operations management.

"At Urban Lending, I began to realize the vision of the proper alignment between technology and what the business was trying to accomplish,” Steve said. “It gave me additional perspective on the role of technology across organizations of different sizes, visions, and directions."

His education reflects his holistic approach to his career. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Information Systems from the university’s Leeds School of Business.

"There's an interesting correlation between philosophy and technology,” Steve said. “At a minimum, the logic required to be successful in philosophy obviously applies to technology. In addition, the critical thinking and argumentative style of interacting with others to drive new thought processes is also a good alignment.”

Todd Erickson is a tech writer with Phase Change Software. You can reach him at or on Twitter @PhaseChangeAI.