Human-like Cognition

The Phase Change AI transforms software into an active agent with a complete understanding of its knowledge and intent, and communicates with business and technical stakeholders through natural language and interactive visual techniques.

What would you ask your software?

AI-assisted Software Development Achieves Breakaway Efficiency

Tribal knowledge is never lost. Reduce complexity. Find code in seconds. Understand its purpose. Visualize the relationships. Fearlessly make changes. Reuse existing code.
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Project Team
Analysts can easily identify the encoded knowledge and human intent. The system automatically updates application documentation. Project Managers and QA quickly understand the impact and scope of change.
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Gain a complete understanding of the organization's software portfolio. Leverage existing coding assets for productivity and profit. Rationalize disparate systems.

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“I've always felt that the human-centered approach
to computer science leads to more interesting,
more exotic, more wild, and more heroic adventures.”

Jaron Lanier