COBOL Colleague

Radical Developer Productivity on the Mainframe

The COBOL workforce is retiring, and the risks associated with the departing expertise are daunting. Your portfolio is increasingly vulnerable. The risks add up and so does the stress.

Regain intellectual control of your apps with a mainframe expert colleague. Replace your lost application expertise overnight with COBOL ColleagueTM, enabling your new developers to be productive and competent, day-one on the job.

Colleague’s Agent finds what developers seek, without the developer's pain of working in millions of lines of code.

COBOL Colleague is Intelligence Augmentation for Developers

It helps your staff know your apps better than the developers that built them. Discard outdated documentation, unburden your key developers, modernize at your leisure, and fix defects in minutes. Developers new to your portfolio become whiz-kids on their first day, experts increase productivity ten-fold, and you shave strokes off your game.

"No one else in the market has anything like this."

Alpha Partner Senior Architect

Propel the maintenance, evolution, and transformation of your programs with COBOL Colleague

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