Phase Change Software's

COBOL Colleague

Close the Application Knowledge Gap to
Exponentially Improve Developer Productivity on the Mainframe

Powered by Phase Change Software, COBOL Colleague™ is an artificial intelligence-driven solution that empowers organizations still utilizing systems written in COBOL to immediately replace lost application expertise and regain intellectual control of their applications.

As experienced developers retire, the specialized industry and institutional domain knowledge that enables developers to maintain and support complex critical systems disappears, making organizations increasingly vulnerable and systems difficult to update. Abandoned by the experts and working in source code repositories with millions of lines of code, new developers struggle with the basic first step of development – finding the relevant code before making a change.

With COBOL Colleague, collaboration with subject-matter experts is no longer required, and there’s no more manual and laborious searching through a deluge of code for specific functionality. By quickly guiding any developer to the exact place where changes are needed, COBOL Colleague enables new developers to be productive and competent on their very first day on the job.

COBOL Colleague is Intelligence Augmentation for Developers

Leveraging a unique approach to AI, COBOL Colleague equips your staff with the knowledge necessary to understand and make changes to these complex and critical systems. COBOL Colleague automates the process of identifying the relevant subset of code that requires attention — regardless of how spread out it is in the system. Armed with the general knowledge of your business and the specialized expertise of a COBOL developer, Phase Change’s innovative solution empowers new developers to be more efficient and effective in altering code. With COBOL Colleague, you can discard outdated documentation, significantly improve your key developers’ efficiency, modernize at your leisure, and fix defects in minutes.

"No one else in the market has anything like this."

Alpha Partner Senior Architect

Propel the maintenance, evolution, and transformation of your critical systems with COBOL Colleague

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