Introducing AI for software development

Achieves a complete understanding of knowledge and intent embedded in code
Becomes an active collaborator in all aspects of the development process
Imbues software with an introspective, human-like cognition

A generation before its time

For the first time, AI capabilities can be applied to software as they are to other structured data, unlocking the encoded knowledge, creating startling new capabilities.

And unleashing unprecedented productivity improvements.

Despite decades of computing advances, software engineering has not fundamentally changed. Software development and maintenance remains a slow, expensive, and labor-intensive effort.

Our application of computation theory and AI transforms software into data, leading to a paradigm shift in software engineering, accelerating the future.


Meet Mia, the first assistive AI for software development.

Phase Change Technology
Where Software Becomes Meaningful Knowledge

The Science
It’s in the math and the science—the deep science—where we treat software differently and get fundamentally different results.
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Our Technology
Our normalization process enables us to apply AI technology to software engineering, creating unprecedented capabilities.
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Human-like Cognition
We unlock the knowledge and human intent in software so applications can communicate with technical and business stakeholders.
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The Science Behind the Creation

People have spent the last 65 years encoding their understanding of the world into software — rocket trajectories, natural language, medicine, finance — even the knowledge to enable a car to self-drive.

Why did it take so long to unlock that knowledge?

Watch Founder and CEO Steve Bucuvalas talk about
the science behind the creation of Phase Change.

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“Those who can imagine anything can create the impossible.”

Alan Turing

Enlightened by the past. Building the future.

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